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BIM in the Planning and design competition "National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design" in Oslo

Statsbygg, the Norwegian public building commissioner, property manager and developer, conducted the world's first architectural design competition in 2009 where only virtual models instead of physical scale models could be submitted. The reason for this premiere was simple - how could you invite as many international architectural firms to participate without having to deal with all the physical scale models: By only allowing virtual models to be submitted!

In the first [March - September 2009] of the open design competition's two phases Statsbygg wanted to use the building data first and foremost for checking the room schedule and to see how the proposed building would be embedded in it's urban context. The entire 3D city model and the complete room schedule were already available in the IFC format. Preparing for this project the special requirements for the to be submitted building model (BIM) had to be specified. AEC3 supported Statsbygg setting up the necessary requirement tables. Short commentaries had to be written as well, that would help the contestants to start using BIM quickly and to be able to export their designs in the asked IFC format. In order to do so AEC3 wrote short manuals for the six most common architectural CAD applications on how to set up a building model correctly and supplied the participants with them.
As a result 237 virtual models in total were submitted. Then they could be checked objectively, their compliance with the required room schedule could be verified and the models could be implemented into the city model for evaluation.

In the second competition phase [November 2009 - April 2010] these building models of the six still remaining contestants were developed further.

Wettbewerb Vestbanen Black in Black   Wettbewerb Vestbanen Forum Artis   Wettbewerb Vestbanen m_Box   Wettbewerb Vestbanen Trylleesken   Wettbewerb Vestbanen Urban Canvas   Wettbewerb Vestbanen Urban Transition
Black in Black Forum Artis   m_box   Trylleesken   Urban Canvas   Urban Transition

At this point the models had not only to be capable for being used to compare how the designs fit into their urban context but also to retrieve information about quantities, materials, costs and energy analyses. For this purpose the models had to be more detailed and thus the most important building elements as walls, floor slabs, columns etc. had to be modelled. During this phase AEC3 lend their support to the teams by means of a specially installed competition platform. In case of bigger problems with a specific software, AEC3 contacted the particular software developer and was even able to contribute to solving some of the problems while the teams were still working on their models.
During the pre-examination after the models were handed in, AEC3 helped Statsbygg evaluating the models. The result was surprising: All six models were of a high quality despite BIM being an 'unknown territory' at the beginning of the competition!

This great experience convinced Statsbygg to have more BIM competitions up to this day and beyond!

The three winners were :

  • 1st Price - "Forum Artis" . Kleihues + Schuwerk, Naples, Berlin
  • 2nd Price - "Urban Transition" . JAJA Architects, Copenhagen + Jakob Rolver
  • 3rd Price - "Trylleesken" . Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen
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Architekturwettbewerb Oslo - Forum Artis
Forum Artis

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