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The first Interim Report of INFRABIM for 4 BIM Pilot Projects of the BMVI

The aim of the scientific support of the four pilot's projects of the Federal Ministry for Transportation and the Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) is a scientific assessment of the use of BIM methodology in the project execution. The published report contains interim results and an extensive material collection (published in German).



BIM-Kompendium . Building Information Modeling als neue Planungsmethode
Kerstin Hausknecht, Thomas Liebich, 2016, 228 S., Gebunden
Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8167-9489-9


The SWIMing Project

AEC3 is partner in the EU research project SWIMing. The aim of this project is getting an overview about research results achieved in the area of applying BIM methods for energy-efficient buildings. An important challenge is the linking and management of the various kinds of data used throughout the life-cycle of a building. The review of research projects was conducted with support of the BIM*Q tool developed by AEC3, which was used to document use cases and their data requirements.


Open BIM standards for Infrastructure

The Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT) have a leading role for the area IfcRoad and China Railways BIM Alliance for the area IfcRail. Both institutes have invited Dr. Liebich as an external expert to a Workshop in Seoul and Peking to review the present status of the works.


Road Map for Digital Design and Construction

Minister Dobrindt introduced at the "Zukunftsforum Digitales Planen und Bauen" the "Road Map for Digital Design and Construction" in Berlin. Dr Liebich was involved in the elaboration of the road map as a member of the planen-bauen 4.0 expert's team.


Scientific Evaluation of the BMVI Infrastructure BIM Pilot Projects

AEC3 has won the tender of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) for a scientific evaluation of Infrastructure BIM pilot projects in association with Ruhruniversität Bochum, Obermeyer Planen + Beraten, Kapellmann und Partner and Technische Universität München.


BIM Implementation Concept for the Munich Central Railway Station

AEC3 has won the tender of the Deutsche Bahn Station&Service AG for a "BIM Implementation Concept for the Project New Station Building at the Munich Central Railway Station" in association with DeuBIM.


IFC Infrastructure

Currently buildings are in the focus of IFC implementations, but future development of the IFC standard is dedicated to support infrastructure works. Therefore buildingSMART International has initiated the first IFC extension for infrastructure and nominated Dr. Liebich as the technical project lead.


BIMiD - BIM Reference project in Germany

The research project BIMiD is a part of the initiative "eStandards" of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The aim of BIMiD is to demonstrate the use of BIM methods in a real building project. The knowledge should help to etablish BIM in the fragmented German construction and real estate economy. AEC3 is responsible for BIM processes and standards.


BIM Guide for Germany

Teaming up with OBERMEYER Planen+Beraten AEC3 set up the first BIM Guide for Germany. The BIM Guide is of interest for all in Germany having to do with the BIM method. It offers a first introduction to the BIM topic and to the requirements that have to be met within an office or during a construction project.


BIM Consulting in Deutsche Bahn BIM pilot project

AEC3 has won the tender for the consultancy for a BIM pilot project initiated by Deutsche Bahn. Teaming up with the law firm Kapellmann & Partner AEC3 is to examine BIM's compatibility with the public procurement directives, assist in setting up the legal BIM documents and evaluate the BIM applications efficiency.


AEC3 is partner in EU research project STREAMER on energy-efficient healthcare districts.

Healthcare-related buildings use the most energy and have the highest carbon emission of all building types. In order to reduce the energy use and the carbon emission in the EU by 50% in the next 10 years, the application of BIM and GIS methods for the energy management will be examined. The Streamer consortium consists of 20 partners from 8 different European countries.


BIM requirements for the new to be built hospital Weilerbach

Building the hospital Weilerbach is the biggest project in Germany at the moment where the BIM method is being used. AEC3 is assisting the client USACE in setting up the BIM contracts and in defining the BIM requirements. AEC3 will also audit the preliminary design BIM models.


IFC4 and ISO 16739 published

After 6 years of intensive work and many quality assurance cycles, the next generation of the open BIM standard IFC has been finally released. The IFC4 specification has been officially launched at the buildingSMART summit in Waltham by Thomas Liebich, chair of buildingSMART's Model Support Group. Since the 21th of March IFC4 is published as the ISO 16739 standard.


AEC3 is working on a joint XML base for the exchange specification for construction works

AEC3 has been awarded to work on a joint XML base for the German, Austrian & Swiss system interfaces for bidding, awarding and accounting. In close cooperation with local experts and institutions this study will investigate the options for an XML structure which would link the three existing national exchange formats.


Cooperation on energy optimization with CIFE at Stanford University

AEC3 supports the Centre for Integrated Facility engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University in the area of energy optimisation of buildings on the basis of BIM data. With the BIM knowledge and program development experience of AEC3 the transformation of BIM data for enegry simulation is realised based on open data standards IFC and gbXML.


AEC3 participates as BIM expert in the research project 'eWorkBau'

The project's topic is to develop and test a training concept suitable for artisans using mainly new media and training technologies. One of the key issues is to qualify and enable already working artisans to deal with BIM and to work model-based.


AEC3 participated in the research project MEFISTO

Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research MEFISTO has been researching and developing solutions for combining and editing data accrued during a building project. By doing so the aim is to gain more precise analyses and in the end better decisions for a smooth construction sequence.


AEC3 makes an expert assessment on advancing the GAEB format

AEC3 was awarded to compare various European data exchange formats for bidding and awarding with the GAEB data exchange format. The aim of the research was next to the comparison also to make recommendations on the further development of the GAEB standard.


Expert assessment on behalf of the BBR on the effects of Building Information Modeling

The purpose of the joint expert assessment of Dr. Thomas Liebich, Siegfried Wernik and Carl-Stephan Schweer was to determine if and how the efforts were to shift within the planning phases by using the BIM method. And also which changes were to be expected for the architects' and engineers' scopes of service.


The BIM guideline and the BIM quality control for three BIM pilot projects

AEC3 was commissioned to write a BIM guideline for three building projects in Bavaria and to subsequently perform the BIM quality control. The BIM guideline consists of three parts, a general description of BIM and the specific requirements for architecture and HVAC planning as well as the corresponding specific object schedules.



In this research and development project funded by the EU AEC3 has joined other partners to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The project's aim is to use building information modeling as a new method to plan energy efficient buildings with lower life cycle costs.


AEC3 gives support to the new IFC 2x3 certification

The Institute for Applied Building Informatics, Munich [iabi] , the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology [KIT] and AEC3 Deutschland GmbH are cooperating closely on the development of a new certifying procedure on the basis of an online certification platform in order to enhance the quality of IFC2x3 implementations.


BIM used in international architectural design competition "National Museum at Vestbanen Oslo"

Statsbygg - Public Construction and Property, Norway - commissioned AEC3 to prepare and consult on a open two phase international architectural design competition for the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo as well as to support the preliminary checks of its results. It was globally the first competition where BIM was obligatory.


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