BIM Reference Processes

Optimization of your design and construction processes for an efficient utilization of BIM

Do you know how your design and construction processes really take place and how these processes can be coordinated with other project stakeholders? The implementation of more efficient and leaner processes requires this understanding, and the full potential of integrated way of working with Building Information Modeling (BIM) is revealed only with the improvement of the workflow.

Together with us, you analyze your current workflow. We will demonstrate you how to increase the efficiency of your existing workflow through the integration of new BIM method and thereby strengthen your competitive position.

Why a process optimization is really important?

Buildings are generally perceived as unique; therefore it is difficult to imagine an optimization or even standardization of planning processes. However, there is still recurring processes for all projects. Optimizing these processes is the first step towards a more efficient way of working. AEC3 and Fraunhofer IBP offer special expertise in the field of Building Information Modeling, and process definition and optimization.

Key Content Overview :

  • The workshop is tailored to your individual needs and requests
  • Analysis of your current methodologies and preserving your know-how in a reference process
  • Identification and solution of the problems with the support of Reverse Process Design (RPD) approach
  • Easy integration of innovative BIM processes into your own reference process
  • Anticipating your needs for change management and reference process associated
  • Development of process maps for your individual reference processes to use directly in projects.
The workshop is aimed at all project stakeholders and carried out by process optimization experts of Fraunhofer IBP and BIM experts of AEC3 Deutschland GmbH. The initial focus is on the interaction between specialists of your company to have a common understanding of the processes. We discuss the potentials of optimization based on your proposals. In the next step, we restructure your processes together with you to establish a concrete reference process that is adjusted to your company.

Package 1 - Introduction to the method and status quo analysis

Introduction to the method :

  • Concept – Understanding the need for process flows
  • Presentation of the documentation and monitoring tools
  • Introduction to the Reverse Process Design (RPD) method for monitoring and optimizing the process flow
Analysis of the current process flows :
  • Goals definition – Choice of one specific phase you would like to focus on
  • Definition and analysis of your current approaches
  • Agreement to the organization of the process workshop
Duration : ½ day
Target audience : management, project management
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Package 2 - Process workshop for optimization and integration into the Reference Process

Optimization of the current process flow :

  • Identification of the weaknesses of the workflow with RPD
  • Determining the solutions based on the most successful methods and experience
  • Implementation of lessons learned and integration in the reference process
Integration of innovative BIM processes :
  • Selection of the integrated BIM processes according to BIM goals of the company
  • Assessment of the changes in the processes and their documentation
Duration : 1 day (alternatively ½ day together with package 1, and follow-up time for the reference process)
Target audience : management, project management
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