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AEC3 is a BIM consulting firm based in Munich, Germany. As a professional BIM Team we provide you with advice on all topics related to the implementation of building information modeling in your business. From our viewpoint BIM is a new method to provide, exchange and re-use information during the entire lifecycle of a building, that has a decisive influence on the planning and building teams' ability on making the right decisions in terms of quality, time and costs. BIM makes project execution for clients more secure and more efficient.

COMPANY HISTORY - TL Consulting was founded in 1996 with a focus on IT for the building industry. In 1999 it joined forces with partners form Thatcham, Great Britain and San Francisco, USA to form AEC3 Ltd. With more content customers year after year a rebranding took place in 2006 when AEC3 Deutschland GmbH was founded under the umbrella of AEC3 Ltd. From the very beginning we have been actively involved in buildingSMART International (formerly known as IAI - International Alliance for Interoperability) and its German-speaking chapter buildingSMART e. V. In 2010 BIM management, BIM guidelines and object schedules were added as new focus points to the firm's portfolio. We keep on being involved in German and European research & development projects and keep on concentrating our attention to the change processes accompanying the adoption of BIM.

PHILOSOPHY - One of our most valued assets is our independence from any software company. This is why we are able to give you an unbiased advice, which we solely base on your individual requirements and not on any specific software solutions. After analyzing your requirements we develop a suitable consulting and realization strategy. Due to our longtime market experience and our independence, we can provide you with the right solution choosing from a range of possibilities while working together with all suitable cooperation partners and software companies.

The AEC3 Team

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Liebich studied to be an architect at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and did his doctorate there in 1994. In 1996 he founded TLConsulting, which was rebranded as AEC3 Deutschland GmbH in 2006. Since 1999 he has been the leader of the Model Support Group at buildingSMART International, that publishes and maintains the openBIM standard IFC. In 2001 he had a determining influence on the development of ePlanCheck in Singapore, the first automatic inspection system of building permit applications. Other important projects include the IFC implementation certification for many notable building software solutions, writing the first German BIM guideline and the first expert assessment on BIM for the public sector in Germany. As one of the leading BIM experts he is involved in many projects and events.

Dipl.-Ing. Architect Kerstin Hausknecht studied to be an architect at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar and Oxford Brookes University. In her ten years working as an architect she performed all planning services from managing architectural competitions to supervising construction projects. During that period she got her qualifications for BIM and IFC as well. Since 2007 she has been a partner of AEC3 Deutschland GmbH. Her tasks included lending support to the first international architectural design competition in Oslo, Norway, where BIM was obligatory. She also had a determining influence on the writing of the first German BIM guideline as well as setting up the corresponding BIM object tables. She has been involved actively in the new certifying process for many notable building software solutions.

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Weise studied to be a civil engineer at the TU Dresden and did his doctorate in 2006 at its Institute of Construction Informatics. BIM has been a topic of his since 1998 and he among other things he was part of the team expanding the IFC model with structural engineering. As a member of the Model Support Group of buildingSMART International he has been in charge of the IFC process model since 2009. Since that time knowledge and innovation management has become another topic of his. His main focus working at AEC3 Deutschland GmbH is software customization and research and development.

Architect Burcu Esen Barutcu studied to be an architect at Yeditepe University in Istanbul and currently doing her master studies on International Project Management at Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart. She has been involved with BIM since 2010, and built up her practical skills during her work as an architect on modeling with BIM tools. In addition, she gained experience on project management whilst working in international projects in Turkey. Since she joined AEC3 Deutschland GmbH in 2015, her tasks include assisting the team in their current research and development projects.

Dr. techn. Sergej Muhič has studied to be a civil engineer at the University of Ljubljana and did his doctorate in 2016 at the University of Technology of Graz. As a BIM expert at the company CGS plus he trained architects and engineers as well as construction companies by the introduction of BIM in working processes and the BIM tools necessary for it. The main focus of his research was the work with data of different building model standards and their preparation for the Indoor Positioning system. Beside his research activities he dealt with BIM in the apprenticeship. Since he joined AEC3 Deutschland GmbH in 2016 his main tasks include software customization and research and development.

Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Klempin has studied to be a civil engineer at the ISB Berlin and informatics at the University of Technology of Dresden. Since 1992 he deals with 3D CAD software and since 2002 with BIM. As a BIM expert at the company MuM acadGraph, he has developed the MuM BIM Implementation and the education method BIM Ready. He counseled customers of the building industry and developed strategies for a smart application of the method BIM for them. Besides he trained user from different areas with the use of tools for these BIM processes. Since he joined AEC3 Deutschland GmbH in 2017 his main tasks include also the consultation of companies by the introduction and application of BIM.

Mrs. Silvia Bagnato graduated the high school and then completed her apprenticeship as travel agent in 2002. Since then, she worked for different companies in senior positions. Her competences included amongst other the professional cooperation with clients and business partners, as head of department the leadership of employees, the support in expansion of the enterprises and the international correspondence in five languages. For AEC3, Mrs. Bagnato works as assistant to the management and is responsible for the organizational and administrative jobs as well as for the accounting and invoicing.


Nicholas Nisbet trained as an architect at Cambridge and North London in the late 70’s. He coordinates process improvement initiatives within AEC3, particularly with IFC and COBie applications. He leads work on XML development within buildingSMART international and is the buildingSMART UK technical coordinator. He supports the UK BIM Task group in the application of COBie as part of the UK Government Construction Strategy. He is the author of the author of BS8541 series construction product data and co-author of BS1192:2007 and COBie2.4 and has led its adoption in the US and UK, authoring BS1192:2007 and BS1192:Part 4 (previously COBie-UK-2012). He has supported and validated many of the UK Government pilot COBie projects.

Bob Wakelam worked as an architectural technician with extensive experience of architectural CAD and building modelling, focusing on efficient use of construction/building/component data within the building model, through the development of powerful parametric objects. He has worked for construction companies and construction management companies, including Kyle Stewart, Taylor Woodrow (now Vinci UK) and HCB Contractors, as well as construction software development houses, including T2 Solutions and Beck Technology, being continuously involved in the transition from building modelling to fully integrated BIM. He has a wide range of experience in software development, developing 3D modelling systems and viewers for desktop, mobile and web-based applications and creating interactive websites. He manages R&D and project implementation for AEC3.

BIM Network

We team up with a network of renown specialized BIM experts in Germany in order to be able to give you all the qualified, interdisciplinary, location- and time-independent advice you need when it comes to Building Information Modeling.

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